Synthetic Teak Decks

Our Synthetic Teak Decks

When you buy a Synthetic Teak Deck from Beautiful Marine Floors you are assured that the whole process from raw material to fitter is guaranteed from start to finish. We have been supplying Synthetic Teak Decks to a Network of Professional Fitters for well over 10 years. All the Fitters are trusted and known to us. Our suppliers are long established and ready, willing and able to offer support where necessary. Synthetic Teak Decks supplied by Beautiful Marine Floors are not a brand of synthetic teak material – they are a brand of synthetic teak decks that represent a team of people dedicated to providing the customer with service and peace of mind.

Dek king synthetic teak decking

Synthetic Teak Material

The differences between the leading brands of synthetic teaks is quite minimal with much coming from the same source. There are many brands out there including Flexiteek, Permateek, Trakmark and Dek-King either made of pure PVC or containing some form of additives. Pure PVC provides a more durable deck, but materials containing additives cool quicker and are lighter in weight.

Whatever teak material used, we are always happy to offer advice & help in your goal of transforming & renewing your boat with a beautiful new deck. There are a range of colours in all brands with over 90% of boats opting for traditional or weathered teak shown below.

Popular Colours

The most popular colours are shown here

Synthetic teak decks material - London Grey

London Grey

Synthetic teak decks - material - Marabou Red

Marabou Red

Synthetic teak decks - material - MStandard Traditional

Standard Traditional

Synthetic teak decks - material - Weathered Old

Weathered Old

Synthetic teak decks - material - Sunbleached light

Sunbleached Light

Panels and Guarantees

Synthetic Teak is a superb alternative to Traditional Wood Teak. Your Deck will retain its classic looks for many years without the on-going maintenance of Teak Wood.

All our PVC Decks are supplied with a 5 Year Warranty for peace of mind which covers the Deck Fabrication and Welding rather than just the material.


Synthetic Teak gives you more time on the water as it retains its good looks even after the ravages of the Marine Environment. It can be fixed to almost any surface including GRP, Steel and Timber. Due to its subtle textured surface and flexibility, you will discover that Synthetic Teak is impressively Non-Slip, even when wet.

Our Deck Panels are supplied from Professionally taken Templates. We ensure that you receive a Bespoke Product for your Boat.