Boat Carpet Options


We supply a great range of top boat carpet. If you select the right boat carpet it will really transform and refresh your boat.

Below are some of the different options to give you a starting point of what would be the best choice. The best choice is more complicated than you might think. Choose something that only comes on a wider roll may result in a lot of waste. Choosing a budget option that requires binding may be more expensive than a better quality solution that does not. 

Feel free to give us a call for advice and let us help you find the perfect solution.

Woven Vinyl

Popular amongst the new sports boats in the USA is Woven Vinyl. This is a premium option and well worth considering if you are looking for something that can be washed down easily. We have a superb range of quality woven vinyl boat carpet products that warrant consideration being practical, low maintenance, and simply look great.

Boat Carpet Woven Vinyl
Boat Carpet Woven Vinyl
Boat Carpet Woven Vinyl

Composite Carpet

Composite carpet is a completely unique floor covering combining the best features of both vinyl and carpet. It is basically a technical fabric where a vinyl base has short nylon fibres impregnated vertically and print dyed. The fabric is 100% waterproof so spillages will settle on the impervious backing to allow easy clean ups. It is pleasant to walk on barefoot with excellent sound insulation. These easy cleaning and sound insulation properties combined with the durability of a vinyl make this material perfect for cockpit and general boat flooring


Marine tuft is a Pile Carpet used indoor/outdoor carpet able to withstand the harshest weather conditions and provide excellent floor protection. It is a versatile product but was principally developed for use in water sports, swimming pools and homes.The product can be found widely in boats, caravans, cars, patios and exhibitions. It is very easy to clean using many cleaning agents and can be cleaned wet or dry

Standard Carpet

We have a good selection of polypropelene boat carpet chosen because it is rugged, stain resistant, soft underfoot and provides excellent sound insulation from noisy machinery. The man made fibres are constructed mainly of polypropelene providing both longevity and an ability to get wet without rotting or attracting mildew. There are many colours to choose from predominently slanted towards blues, greys and naturals which are the popular colour choices in the boat market. The boat carpet is supplied on a 2, 3 or 4 metre wide roll. The material is anti fray but we recommend having it bound with a binding tape to complete the finished article. Most cockpit boat carpets are usually finished off with marine grade stainless steel poppers for securing the boat carpet pieces in place