Boat Decking Options

We have many boat decking and flooring options to suit all our customer budgets, tastes and boat types. Our experience and knowledge in the industry is unrivalled and we are proud to represent the best brands in the market. Why not give us a call to discuss your flooring requirements in more detail.

Synthetic Teak Decking – PVC

Traditional teak decking is an exterior covering of wood (usually teak) to provide a non slip surface to walk on. Decks are made with narrow strips of wood being individually bent to shape, glued and screwed. Our PVC Synthetic Teak boat flooring options replace strips of wood with thin strips of composite PVC material having a remarkable resemblence to natural wood.  On many occasions it has fooled trained shipwrights. All the raw material synthetic teaks are fairly similiar with the deck quality dependent on the experience of the welder/fabricator. We always try and choose the best extrusion based on experience rather than brands. We can give you a quote for a full fit or check out our panel service.

It is worth noting that PVC gets hot in direct sunlight. A new alternative is a cork/rubber decking material which is much cooler to walk on. 

Composite Cork Decking – Natural Solutions

Composite Decks are totally Natural Solutions. They are Softer,Cooler and more Comfortable to sit on. They are therefore worthy of consideration for many applications such as a Cockpit Seat refurbishment on a Sailing Boat. Composite Decking should also be considered in warm climates over Standard PVC Synthetic Teak as it remains Cool and Comfortable underfoot. PVC can get extremely hot so the obvious solution is to fit Decks with a different type of base material. Our Composite Decks are made of a completely Natural Rubber/Cork material – a perfect Environmentally Friendly Solution. Such Composite Decking has a very low heat conductivity and is perhaps more suited than PVC Synthetic Teak for these particular uses. These properties make Composite Decks particularly attractive to Steel barges.

Foam Deck Panels

Foam deck panels are a non-skid, closed cell decking material that offer a cost effective and versatile alternative to traditional forms of marine decking. Like other sheet decking materials the design is routered out of a sandwich constructed panel. EVA foam deck is easy to clean, stain resistant and provide a comfortable feeling underfoot. It is designed to provide protection of grp boat surfaces. The material has good non slip characteristics therefore creating a unique decking material combining both safety and comfort. Popular applications are ski boats and bathing platforms, concentrating in areas where walking in bare feet is commonplace. The fact that foam deck remains relatively cool underfoot makes for an attractive decking option in warmer climates

Synthetic teak boat flooring options
EVA foam boat flooring options
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