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Dek king synthetic teak decking

Synthetic Teak Material

We fabricate decks and panels to templates “in house”. We ensure the material and quality best meets the boat needs. There are a number of material suppliers including Flexiteek, Permateek, Dek-King, Tek-Dek and many more. Most use the same source material supplier which comes in the form of pellets and is then extruded into strips ready for deck fabrication. Some materials have an added acrylic element which creates a lighter and cooler material but it is not as robust. Others use a solid pvc extrusion but with recycled elements causing the appearance to degrade quicker over time.

The underside of the extrusion often has ridges or “dovetails” to allow for a greater surface area for bonding – dovetails create an additional mechanical bond. Providing the decking is well rolled to allow all air to escape they will help the deck bond evenly to the surface.

Dek-king synthetic teak decks
Dek king synthetic teak decks

Panels and Guarantees

Synthetic teak panels exhibit an inbuilt graining effect and are a thoroughly convincing alternative to traditional teak. Materials vary in their structure and compound which effects durability. We can help you make an informed choice. Your deck will retain its classic looks for many years but without the onerous maintenance issues of real teak.

All of our solid pvc decks are supplied with a 5 year warranty and peace of mind that comes with a guarantee that covers the deck fabrication and welding rather than just the material element alone. Some compounds may have a reduced warranty with us as their durability is not considered to be quite as good. However, their suitability for a particular boat may outweigh this benefit. eg a lighter or cooler deck might benefit a catamaran or a boat travelling in hotter climates


Synthetic teak gives you more time on the water as it retains its good looks even after the ravages of the marine environment. It can be fixed to almost any surface including GRP, steel and timber. Due to its very subtle textured surface exterior and flexibility of the compound you will discover that synthetic teak is impressively non-slip, even when wet.

The deck panels are supplied from templates. We ensure that you receive a bespoke product specifically tailored to the individual needs of your boat and ready for fitting