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Dek king synthetic teak decking

Synthetic Teak Material

All our Decks and Panels are fabricated “in house”, always to the highest standard. Our Synthetic Teak is manufactured from pure PVC and therefore has the strongest bond and maximum durability. This negates the loss or decreased quality which can be found in other Products which contain recycled and other added elements. Pure PVC is the most suitable extrusion for this Country due to its resilience to the elements.

Dek-king synthetic teak decks
Dek king synthetic teak decks

Panels and Guarantees

Synthetic Teak is a superb alternative to Traditional Wood Teak. Your Deck will retain its classic looks for many years without the on-going maintenance of Teak Wood.

Our pure PVC Decks are supplied with a 5 Year Warranty for peace of mind as this covers the Deck Fabrication and Welding rather than just the material. On the Market there is an alternative to pure PVC whose composition includes some Acrylic, Glass Beads and fine Air Bubbles. This makes for a lighter and faster cooling Deck which could benefit being fitted on a Catamaran or Boat travelling in hotter climates. Due to this construction, the weld strength and durability are slightly reduced, which is reflected in its shorter Warranty.


Synthetic Teak gives you more time on the water as it retains its good looks even after the ravages of the Marine Environment. It can be fixed to almost any surface including GRP, Steel and Timber. Due to its subtle textured surface and flexibility, you will discover that Synthetic Teak is impressively Non-Slip, even when wet.

Our Deck Panels are supplied from Professionally taken Templates. We ensure that you receive a Bespoke Product for your Boat.