EVA Foam Deck Panels

Foam deck panels are a non-skid, closed cell decking material that offer a cost effective and versatile alternative to traditional forms of marine decking. Like other sheet decking materials the design is routered out of a sandwich constructed panel. EVA foam deck is easy to clean, stain resistant and provide a comfortable feeling underfoot. It is designed to provide protection of grp boat surfaces. The material has good non slip characteristics therefore creating a unique decking material combining both safety and comfort.

The UV protected non-absorbent foam usually has a textured micro-dot finish or brushed faux teak for added non-slip capabilities. The deck patterns are initially produced from a paper template and converted at our premises into a cad design ready for routering on a cnc machine. This process also means it is relatively easy to incorporate an amazing looking logo and other elaborate designs into your deck should you wish to do so. Depending how snugly your panels fit onto the sheet material governs the residual waste and panel price.

The product is supplied with a peel and stick contact adhesive backing so it is easy to apply to most deck surfaces by your local installer. There are a wide variety of colours to choose from including some very funky and exciting colour combinations in contrast to the more conservative and traditional colours. Popular applications are ski boats and bathing platforms, concentrating in areas where walking in bare feet is commonplace. The fact that foam deck remains relatively cool underfoot makes for an attractive decking option in warmer climates.

Seadek foam deck
Seadek foam decking