IMO Carpet

We have built up a wealth of experience over the years in boat flooring and built up strong relationships with many leading suppliers of IMO carpet. Many of the manufacturers produced IMO certified carpet and it was a natural progression for our company to begin distribution of their products into the commercial passenger sector. With a wealth of product experience we are now ideally placed to grow this sector of our business and offer refit shipyards and related businesses a choice of product that meets the required safety standards and certification. .

IMO wheelmark

Flotex FR

Flotex is a completely unique marine grade floor covering with easy cleaning properties combined with a velour appearance and the durable qualities required of commercial marine flooring. It is a textile , flocked floor covering providing all the fire safety standards set by the IMO as well as comfort, slip resistance and sound deadening making it an excellent choice for commercial ship applications. Flotex FR provides protection against bacteria and allergens thereby improving air quality for passengers. It has been awarded the acclaimed Allergy UK seal of approval.


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Entrance matting

Quality entrance matting saves both time and money by reducing walked in dirt and moisture by up to 90% and therefore protects other flooring surfaces from being soiled around the vessel. Choose this where there is a need to retain such dirt and moisture


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Coral IMO boat carpedt