Leisure industry flooring – Why choose marine solutions?


Leisure industry flooring has diverse requirements and needs to take more care in making the best choice . Many hotels today have pools and gymnasiums adjacent to bars, restaurants and rest rooms. There are plenty of flooring companies that will provide contract carpet that appear to be good value at first sight. Contract carpet looks good and is heavy traffic rated but is it the very best long term solution? Marine flooring material is usually made of a pvc or polypropelene fabricated into carpet, vinyl or laminate products like woven vinyl, synthetic teak or waterproof laminates. These materials are a very effective moisture barriers and designed to prevent bacterial growth. Many marine flooring products are designed to be used outside as well as inside and consequently will be soil and stain resistant and mould and mildew resistant too.


In addition to marine grade durability an obvious and necessary characteristic of marine flooring is that it needs to provide good grip in wet conditions and yet be soft to walk on. In areas adjacent to pools, showers and gymnasiums marine flooring presents a strong case for the safety conscious.


The ideal choice of floor must also be easy to clean and resist any form of staining or discolouring. The many installations that have been left outdoors for many years and still retain their appearance is testament to the durability of our products. They have proven to be UV stable and fade resistant.

Ease of Cleaning

Our video shows how easy they are to keep clean.  Our flooring is extremely practical and resistant to discolouration to the usual cleaning agents.


The leisure industry is starting to finally discover the value of marine grade flooring in their hotels and leisure spaces and we are beginning to see more and more product that can add value to the space and surrounding areas. Products like Infinity, Marine Tuft, Unnatural flooring, Dek King, Lonseal, Nautikflor are just some of the brands we offer.