Nautikflor waterproof laminate flooring

A waterproof laminate flooring product for DIY and professional installation

Nautikflor waterproof laminate flooring is designed for simple installation so it can be undertaken by both professional and DIY enthusiasts in very quick time. Not only can it be used as an internal boat flooring solution but it is perfect for people wishing to recreate a nautical theme to their residential or commercial dwellings.

Benefits of Waterproof laminate flooring

Waterproof laminate flooring from Nautikflor has an authentic look, material quality, and easy of installation and maintenance. This environmentally friendly lightweight floor covering is 100% water resistant and was developed to offer good protection against water damage and moisture. Nautikflor is an affordable alternative to a solid wood floor and its low weight of only 5kg per m2 makes for easier handling. In no time you can have an authentic nautical feel at a fraction of the price of a heavy wooden floor. The product comes with a 20 year warranty. For those people wishing to add something special to their floor it is possible to add designs and logos. A popular design is the compass rose which is available from stock though other designs from supplied artwork can be accommodated.

Waterproof laminate flooring cherry and black
Waterproof laminate flooring cherry and white
Waterproof laminate flooring teak and black
Waterproof laminate cherry and white
waterproof laminate weathered
waterproof laminate flooring logo

Each panel can be clicked together using a “click system” with a bead of adhesive along each adjoining edge. The panel sizes are triple planked 20 cms wide by 123 cms long by 5.5 mm thick. Nautikflor can be glued or installed as a floating floor. The process of laying a great looking marine floor is therefore quick and easy.

Nautikflor is suitable for installing as a floating floor in a home or office to create a nautical feel

Should you decide to apply Nautikflor to you yacht then we suggest it is glued in place. To a wood substrate a Loctite  PL Premium Construction adhesive works well. Apply 2 or 3 lines of adhesive on each Nautikflor panel and 3 or 4 lines on the wood substrate. If applied to a grp substrate it is recommended to use a quality Urethane based adhesive, such as Bostik, or Saba.

This product has been designed to simulate the look and chacteristics of real wood.  Due to this process there are color variations in the planks.