Beautiful Marine Decks and Boat Flooring Prices

PVC Synthetic Teak Deck Prices

Synthetic teak pricing is the most labour intensive solution to marine flooring. The labour costs escalate depending on whether the product is ordered with border  “margins” as opposed to straight planking.

Unmargined Rectangular panels = £180 + VAT per square metre

Unmargined Panels cut into Shape = £200 + VAT per square metre

Margined Panels = £275 + VAT per square metre

Complex swept decks to Shaped Kingplank =  £350 + VAT per square metre


Cork/Rubber Composite Deck Prices

Unmargined Rectangular Panels = £150 + VAT per sq metre

Margined CNC cut panels  = £250 + VAT per square metre


Synthetic teak dek prices

Sheet EVA Foam Deck Product Prices

Sheet decking products come on a 2.5 metre by 1 metre panel and are routered to obtain the deck shape. Logos can be routered into the dek at an additional charge of £75.

EVA sheet including artwork = £450 + VAT per panel with larger jobs requiring additional panels priced at £350 + VAT without the corresponding artwork.

Boat Flooring Prices

Composite Carpet Deck Product Prices

Composite Carpet Decks are printed onto a 2 metre wide roll. Within certain limits they can be made in any colour though we have a standard colour swatch. Logos can also be incorporated at an additional cost of £75.

Composite Carpet Marine Deck = £250 + VAT first linear metre which includes artwork and then £150 per subsequent linear metre.

It is also available cut to a template  “off the roll” for £150 + VAT per linear metre from a 2 metre roll

Boat Flooring Prices

Boat Carpet, Vinyl & Laminate Prices

All above products are priced here . Your local fitter can cut to shape, bind and popper if required.