Synthetic Teak Deck Products


As a UK Panel Supplier of Synthetic Teak Decking products, Carpet and Vinyls we distribute the widest range of boat decking and flooring product. More than likely you have already seen some of our beautiful synthetic teak decks and marine flooring products.

Synthetic Teak Decking on boat
Synthetic Teak Decking Dek king 2
Dek King synthetic teak deck

Which is the Best Synthetic Teak Material?


Synthetic Teak Boat Decking –  The differences between the leading brands of synthetic teaks is quite minimal with raw materials actually coming from the same source. They are all either made of pure PVC or contain some form of additives. Pure PVC provides a far more durable deck and the welds stand the test of time better, but materials containing additives cool quicker and are lighter in weight.

Whatever brand of teak composite you opt for, we are always happy to offer advice & help in your goal of transforming & renewing your boat with a beautiful new deck. There are a range of colours in all brands with over 90% of boats opting for traditional or weathered teak shown below.


Synthetic Teak Decking Fabricators

To manufacture a high quality synthetic teak deck, the raw decking materials have to be skillfully fabricated by a craftsman. Your new boat deck must be prepared, cut, trimmed, joined & welded with real precision. The importance of a good fabricator is fundamental to the flooring process, and will have a tangible impact on the final fit, look, lifespan & impression of your finished deck.

Have a Top Fitter to do the Fitting


After you have chosen your synthetic teak decking raw material, ideally an experienced & skilled “fitter” should accurately measure your boat & create a fully detailed template. The fitter must be meticulous & precise or it can impact negatively on the quality of the end result. The fitter is also responsible for preparing all of the surfaces properly & laying down the final flooring, so attention to detail & striving for a refined, quality finish are the essential attributes necessary for the role.

Our UK network of fitters are all well established and highly experienced tradesmen, so you can be fully confident that an experienced fitter is performing this underestimated and essential component of your decking & flooring process.

Synthetic Teak Marine Decking Key Features

Synthetic Teak Decking for Boat
  • Fully welded seams for a waterproof deck
  • Virtually maintenance free
    – can be jet washed
  • Manufactured from 100% recyclable material
  • Does not turn grey
    – UV stabilised outdoor grade PVC
Synthetic Teak Boat Decking by Dek king
  • Stain resistant – oil and wine can be removed with soap and water
  • Low combustibility
  • Non-slip surface
Synthetic Teak Boat Decking by Dek King
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Weathering tests
  • Five-year full deck guarantee (not just raw  material)
  • Variety of colour combinations

Wherever you live in the UK, you too can have a Beautiful Marine Deck!

In short, we are the UK’s leading expert in the highly specialised marine flooring industry & over our many years in the business, we have accumulated a great deal of first hand knowledge of working with waterproof materials, marine carpets & synthetic teak decking composites. A top quality marine floor is the combination of high performing raw materials being placed in the hands of professional tradesmen operating within their specific field of expertise. Single owner flooring suppliers often use one employee to do everything from the template to the specialist welding & even the final fitting & finish. In our experience, we believe the best results are achieved by using craftsmen that keep well within their sphere of proficiency.& experience. In summary, we believe manufacturers should “manufacture”, fitters should “fit” & fabricators should “fabricate”.

Our national network of hand selected craftsmen are genuinely best placed to measure, manufacture & fit a beautiful marine floor for you that will transform the look & feel of your boat. Ask for a free no obligation quote or call for expert advice together with updates of our seasonal offers.

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