Teak Carpet

Teak carpet can create a nautical and practical look aboard any boat cockpit and we have a range of textures, materials and styles for customers to choose from. It comes on a roll from manufacturers in a range of widths and customers simple request how much they required from the roll. Caulking lines run the full length of the roll so large areas can be covered if required. It also serves very well as exhibition flooring to create a nautical look as it combines the same non slip, durability and good looking qualities of all our marine flooring products. In fact teak carpeting is excellent in any room where a nautical theme is desired with all product classed as indoor/outdoor carpet.


Teak carpet comes in a choice of woven vinyl, pile carpet or composite carpet materials and customers can choose the best material for the intended use. Vinyl type products are usually the most durable for exterior use and they are often better able to withstand the effects of UV damage and colour fading. In contrast pile carpet gives a more luxury feel underfoot. Generally, vinyl is an easier material to keep clean and avoid staining. The composite carpet material is considered by many to be a good compromise, with the toughness of vinyl as the base material and a fine coating of nylon fibres on the surface. The top fabric covering allows a teak effect to be printed on the surface.


The edges of all our teak carpeting can be bound, if required, to good effect. It is not absolutely necessary to bind the woven vinyls and composite carpets but customers often like to do so. Pile carpet,in contrast will fray if the edges are not bound so it is highly recommendd that you do this, should you decide on a pile carpet.

woven vinyl teak carpet
Composite synthetic teak carpet
cut pile teak carpet