Terrace, Patio & Balcony Flooring

We can invigorate patios and balconies with our superb range of patio floorings. We have been reinvigorating tired boats with beautiful new synthetic teak decks for over 15 years and can do the same for patios and balconies too!. We are one of the UK’s top leading experts in these types of flooring materials. Over this time there have been incredible advances in the technology of the materials and many outstanding carpet options have emerged from luxury woven vinyls to tough industrial laminates. We became the UK distributors for many leading brands. Take a look at our online shop.

These products have become more durable, economical & versatile to the extent that our boating customer base asked us to fit them in their homes, flood risk basements, caravans, balconies, pools and all outdoor areas that are exposed to the elements. The durability demands on marine flooring are immense & with their proven performance in the harshest sea environments, the only drawback in the past has been a combination of cost and the smaller ranges of colours and designs. However, there are now fantastic ranges of products that are affordable, beautiful and easy to fit, yet retain the supreme marine grade excellence.

Take the time to browse our wide range of collections and solutions. Whether you need a carpet for a caravan or a patio floor, we are sure you will find a perfect option or call us for some expert advice and a free quote.


Balcony Flooring Synthetic Teak
Patio Flooring Synthetic Teak

Woven Vinyl Carpeting for Patios

Woven vinyl does not fray so it can be fitted as a more permanent solution to patios and balconies or rolled up and re-used as and when it is required. There are a vast array of designs and choices to match your colour schemes and tastes making your outdoor living spaces more attractive. Woven vinyl is extremely easy to clean and is certifiably green and recyclable.   The benefits include:

Heavy Commercial Traffic Rated
Anti-Microbial: Promoting No Bacterial Growth
Moisture Barrier
Soil & Stain Resistant
Mold & Mildew Resistant
Appearance Retention
Ultra-Violet Stable & Fade Resistant
Dense Attached Cushion Backing with No Delamination
Non-slip Backing
Ease of Cleaning
Impervious to Gasoline, Grease, & Motor Oil
Unaffected by Sea Gull & Spider Defecation
Top Acoustic Rating enabling a Quite Ride
Flammability: Top Rating in All Categories

For woven vinyl pricing take a look at our online shop. If you would like to see how simple to clean and hard wearing these luxury woven vinyls are, take a moment to watch a video demonstration

Balcony Flooring Synthetic Teak
Balcony Flooring Synthetic Teak
Balcony Flooring Synthetic Teak

Synthetic teak decking for balconies

Synthetic teak has been finding its way onto balconies in both ships, marina holiday flats & nautically themed homes. Drab looking balconies have been transformed to penthouse quality, simply by covering it with a high grade synthetic teak. Some customers like the “nautical look” that is generated with a synthetic teak decking design. Synthetic teak brands now offer a wide variety of colours so people can choose whether they like a more “weathered” teak look or something more colourful which is combined with a range of caulking colour options too.