Wet Area Flooring

Woven Vinyl

Wet area flooring requires a degree of planning to decide on the best solution. The anti microbial compounds make luxury woven vinyl a particularly hygienic choice and prevent mould and mildew from forming on the flooring surface. Off a roll woven vinyl is 100% water resistant and the textured surface provides a non slip wet area flooring solution. The stain resistant properties make cleaning easy. All our core flooring products are designed to be non slip, durable and practical making them an obvious solution to wet area flooring. The majority of marine flooring products are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and with a growing array of colours and designs to choose from their attraction is growing. Some of our vinyl brands produce  “fake wood” and marine style designs that look very effective in a wide variety of applications. Some woven vinyl products have pvc cushioning making them especially soft to walk on.

Embossed Vinyl

Embossed vinyl has the same attributes as woven vinyl with the surface texture embossed to provide the non slip surface.

Woven vinyl wet flooring
Marine tuft pool side

Waterproof laminate flooring

Waterproof laminate flooring is a rigid solution made with 100% marine grade pvc opposed to the usual mdf backing which absorbs moisture. The principal benefits of waterproof laminate in addition to its authentic look are the material quality, ease of installation and simple maintenance. This environmentally friendly lightweight floor covering is 100% water resistant and was developed to offer good protection against water damage and moisture

waterproof laminate flooring for wet area

Synthetic teak and “faux teak” decking

Synthetic teak or “faux teak” can be a great solution in the right areas and there are areas where it is worthy of consideration. Synthetic teak made of PVC or Cork Composite is a very authentic and practical  teak substitute that can be made into bespoke panels for glueing down to many surfaces. It is more usually seen fitted as boat decking but sometimes finds a place around swimming pools and other wet areas. It is extremely non slip even when wet and looks very pleasing on the eye.

Wet area flooring by Forbo


Traditional carpet is not a practical solution in wet areas as it will get damp, soggy, smelly and dry out slowly.

There are a handful of manufacturers who produce advanced solutions in conjunction with man-made fibres at a variety of price points.

Marine Flotex is a typical example. Very short nylon fibres are attached to a reinforced closed cell pvc foam backing. Flotex is 100% waterproof, comfortable and warm to walk on and allows printing on the surface so any design can be accommodated. Marine Flotex is easy to clean, durable and antimicrobial.

Marinetuft offers an alternative solution using a permeable backing to allow the carpet to breathe. Characteristically it has a deeper pile made of polypropelene and developed especially for watersports and beach use. It is cleanable with a bleach mix and very durable.

Flomat is an economical version of the same idea using polypropelene short fibres attached to a special backing allowing the material to breathe.


Forbo embossed vinyl